The Directory – Sorted By Preference

Heavenly Free From Foods (Shop)

Do you want to meet the friendliest shopkeep in North Staffordshire? Paul Holloway is reason enough to make a visit and you may as well do a bit shopping while you’re there. Seriously, this guy is stocking everything and is more than happy to take requests. Gluten free, diary free, nut free, wheat free, meat free… he does it all. His shop is in the town centre and can be found on Merrial Street opposite the Civic Offices.

Top Tip: Check out the Indian Madras Lentils from Tasty Bite. 1min in the microwave!

Capello Lounge (Restaurant/Cafe/Bar)

Spoiler Alert; I have social anxiety. I’m a big old chicken sandwich who doesn’t like crowds and busy places. Capello, despite its popularity, is my sanctuary. It’s run by Loungers and they really know how to get the balance right when it comes to well… lounging about, I guess. I don’t just love this place for an evening meal but my wife Jo loves working in here in the daytime and our friends almost always suggest going there when we go out.

Capello offer both a gluten-free and vegan menus and their staff take allergies seriously. There’s plenty to choose from and it’s great quality food. Jo has never been glutened and we’ve eaten here a lot. It’s in Newcastle town centre, so very easy to find.

Top Tip: The Sweet Potato Falafel Burger will put your burger cravings straight to bed.

Peaches (Restaurant/Takeaway)

Want some of the best Chinese and Cantonese food you’ll ever eat? Want to suggest a takeaway that won’t have your friends groaning but will instead have them jumping for joy? Let’s face it, usually East Asian restaurants are off limits for celiacs but Peaches turns that all on its head. You can eat in, you can do all you can eat, and you can take out too.

The only thing Peaches doesn’t do is deliver. So you have to get yourself just off the ring-road on the West side of the town centre. It’s worth it though.

Top Tip: Try the Spicy Ma Po Vegetable Tofu, a meat free classic.

Mothertown Fish & Chips (Restaurant/Takeaway)

We’re going to head a little out of town now to exotic Burslem. You know, where Robbie Williams was born? In the middle of town, just off the cross roads, located in the premises of an old Bank, lies the best Fish & Chip shop in the county. To put things in perspective, we used to drive up from Wolverhampton to eat here. Don’t take our word for it, this place has been voted top Fish & Chip restaurant in the area by The Sentinel and Trip Advisor.

Gluten free at any time. Not just on special days. They also somehow know the black art of wrapping fish & chips up so it doesn’t go soggy by the time you get home. I know, right? Pure witchcraft. It’s not just gluten free fish batter either, they make some amazing gluten free onion rings.

Top Tip: Eat in! This is one of the few fish & chips shops where you can.

Third Ghee (Local Subscription Service)

While we haven’t actually had food delivered by Third Ghee, we have been to the launch event and tasted the food. It’s amazing. Gluten free, diary free, and vegan. They’re even using disposable cutlery and packaging where possible. If anything, this is going back to the roots of Indian cooking, which is usually vegetarian.

Beardy Meaner, the dude behind Third Ghee, has some amazing talent and wonderful morals, hence why it’s so high up this list. The way it works is a menu is put on early in the week, orders are placed by mid-week, and it’s all delivered at the weekend.

Top Tip: The Dhaba Aloo Ghobi proves Indian food doesn’t need meat.

Pizza Express (Restaurant)

We’re back off to the intu Potteries shopping centre, which is always a good excuse to pop into Heavenly Free From Foods. Yes, I know Pizza Express are a national brand and pretty well known within the gluten-free scene, but they deserve a shoutout.

Pizza Express have been upping their gluten free game for some time now and been a favourite of ours for ages.

Top Tip: You can now get gluten-free garlic dough-balls.

Ultimate Burger Kitchen (Restaurant)

This is next door to Pizza Express and proves to be our second favourite place to dine-out in Hanley. We love the interior decor and general feel. You can get a typical burger on gluten-free bread or choose from various vegetarian alternatives.

Top Tip: The best onion rings I’ve found anywhere (sadly not gluten free yet).

Joe’s Kitchen (Restaurant/Cafe)

Time to head south about 10 mins to Trentham. If you haven’t been the gardens yet, you’re in for a bit of a treat. Joe’s Kitchen is among the various shops and restaurants that make up the shopping village here.

On the surface, they don’t look that good for gluten-free options but they are great. They also have a lot of vegetarian offerings that extend beyond a simple salad.

Top Tip: Try the All About The Cocoa smoothie while you wait for your food.

David’s Brasserie (Restaurant)

Sticking at Trentham Gardens but a little on the special side, we love treating ourselves to a visit to David’s Brasserie. This is a lovely place for a romantic night out or when you’re feeling a little flush.

The food is not only high quality but very progressive and adventurous. There are always vegetarian options and celiacs go well cared for by knowledgeable staff.

Top Tip: Pop in for a light lunch if you want to keep cost down and check it out.

Panaro’s (Restaurant/Cafe/Bar)

We really like what Panaro’s in Newcastle are doing and love chatting with the friendly staff when we visit. They offer an exciting vegan menu and try to do stuff that’s gluten free. They have some cracking gluten free desserts in sometimes to.

In the evenings, they service sharing platters and pizzas (cooked by their Italian pizza chef!) which they can serve up to suit your dietary requirements.

Top Tip: The coffee here is incredible and can be made with soy milk upon request.

Busy Bee (Cafe)

This is one of those times I get to use the term “hidden gem” and really mean it. Busy Bee is tucked away on The Midway which makes it easy to get to from the High Street. This charming mother and daughter team put together a huge range of vegan, gluten-free, dairy free, and nut free cakes, muffins, and other desserts.

They even make paleo, diabetic, and protein cakes plus can make up cakes for parties events and more. Check out the gallery on their website for some amazing creations.

Top Tip: Pop in after watching a movie at the Vue for coffee and a treat.

Amore (Restaurant/Cafe)

Again, this one is a little tucked away from the High Street but very easy to get to. Few celiac disease sufferers know that Italians are way ahead of us on addressing gluten concerns since they test everyone for this allergy. You’d think the stereotypical Italian staples of breads and pasta would a no-go-area, but the opposite is true.

Amore is a lovely place to pop in for lunch or an evening meal. They cater for celiac disease sufferers and vegans. Their food is just as beautiful as the art that hangs on their walls.

Top Tip: Lasagne may sound like a cliche but try it here to see how good it can be.

RAWR (Cafe)

We were super excited about visiting RAWR when we first moved to Newcastle. It seemed perfect for us. While we love what they are doing, what they offer, and the owner’s story, we haven’t enjoyed our visits. However, taste is subjective and, if you have any dietary needs, you need to know RAWR exists in a few Potteries locations.

Why don’t we enjoy it? It’s just not our kind of environment or our price-range, but it might be more comfortable and affordable for you – which is cool.

Top Tip: Check for the best credit card rates.